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Headline Partners

Headline Partner

Make Business

The World is changing.  So have we.

Make Business is part of Make UK, the new name for EEF.

We're here to help and support all UK manufacturers, and to champion UK manufacturing.

Britain is one of the world's biggest manufacturing nations. Almost 3 million people work in our sector and deliver almost half of all UK exports. Our companies drive over 60 percent of all UK research and development. As a result of that investment, manufacturing as we know it is changing, adapting, and transforming each and every day.  

We’re at the cutting edge of innovation; leading the way in developing skills and driving competitive advantage for the UK.

What we do
We stimulate success for manufacturing businesses, helping them to meet their objectives and goals. We empower individuals and we inspire the next generation.

Make Business is a portfolio of contemporary business services providing practical support and sound advice in topical areas such as HR and Legal, Health and Safety and training.

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