Tuesday 5 March 2019 | Jaguar Land Rover | Castle Bromwich, Birmingham

The factory tour

Jaguar Land Rover, Castle Bromwich

See behind the scenes at the iconic Jaguar Land Rover Castle Bromwich factory. Home to five of the company’s models, the site uses a lean manufacturing process based on the legendary Toyota Production System, designed to allow for demand-led manufacture. You will discover how fluctuating demand leads to different focuses across the site, and ever-changing pressures on its almost 2000-strong shopfloor staff. Always looking to improve, Castle Bromwich operates a Manufacturing Transformation Group, which aims to study and develop ‘Model Plant’ concepts, principles and systems to allow the factory to operate at its optimum level continuously.

This tour will conclude the day, and will give first-hand examples of some of the key topics of the event, including employee engagement, technology and lean manufacturing.